Hazel Olsen


  Syrah, the family cat, had a short career as a shop cat after destroying the Christmas Tree

Potters Studio was established in Fresno, California in 1970 by Hazel Olsen, a former teacher and young mother with three children.

The studio's original focus was on providing classes in clay work, supplies and equipment to local artists, potters and schools, and to provide studio space, networking, and a venue for display and sales for unknown and developing artists.

After a number of successful years, it was a natural transition to refocus the studio from community artist workspace to the development of a line of Hazel's many creations she produced as a local artist.


Toucan Sculptures

TOU-01 Large Toucan

TOU-02 Medium Toucan

Raccoon Sculptures

RA-135L Large Raccoon

RA-135M Medium Raccoon

RA-135S Small Raccoon

RA-135B Baby Raccoon


Hazel's son, Randy, joined her a few years ago. Randy, like his mother, is an established commission artist and has developed many of his own best works as pieces for the line in addition to those of Hazel.

The popularity and enthusiasm for the work of the Potters Studio has grown far beyond California. Hazel and Randy now enjoy international recognition. They are sought after for participation in many prestigious artistic events and their work is widely collected.

Their line is sold in over 1,900 gift shops, museum shops and aquariums in the US and Canada, as well as many mail order catalogues.

Hazel Olsen Syrah, the family cat Toucan Sculpture photo Raccoon Sculpture photo